Top 10 Features of Python You Need To Know



       Python is a High Level Programming Language. Guido Van Rossum created the Python Language. It was released on 20th February 1991 by Guido Van Rossum. The first Version of python was Python 0.9.0 and latest version of Python was Python 3.11.0. Python Supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Ubuntu etc.. Python is a Developer Friendly Language. The Extension of Python are .py, .pyc, .pyd and many more. Now In this Blog we have to see the 10 Important Features of Python.

Top 10 Features of Python You Need To Know:

1.Free and Open Source:

              Python is a High level programming language. But It is completely Free and Open-Source.Everyone can Download Python from the Browser according to your Windows Version for completely free. It is also a open-source, so source code is available to anyone. You can also share Python.  

2.Easy to Code and Learn:

           Compared to other programming language like C, C++, Java, Javascript, Python is very easy to code and we can learn python Basics in few hours or few days. Python is like a English Language. So we can easy to read also. Python is a Developer Friendly Language. Python is not defined by semicolons, it is defined by indentation.

3.Python is a Portable and Object-Oriented Language:

          Python is a portable language, because we have some python code on our windows, we want to run it in other platforms like MAC, Unix, Linux or Ubuntu, we can run without any change in the code. Python supports Object-Oriented programming. It supports Polymorphism, Inheritance and Encapsulation with Class and Objects.

4.Machine Learning in Python:

           Machine Learning is a type of AI. It makes system to learn from studying Data and Statistics. In Python, Most of the Topics are available for Machine Learning. Machine Learning has a bright Future in the field of Information Technology (IT). So Software Developers has high dependability of Machine Learning on Python.

5.Python Supports Graphical User Interface(GUI):

          Python offers many tools for Developing Graphical User Interface(GUI). Some of the most used Python libraries for Developing GUI are Tkinter,PyQt5, Kivy, wxPython, PySimpleGUI, PyForms, wax, PyGUI etc.. In this Tkinter is very easy to use and implement. It Contains very simple syntax. The Main Advantage of this Tkinter , it prodives wide range of most commonly used elements such as Frame,Checkboxes,Buttons,Canvas, and File Dialogs.

6.Database Support:

           Python is an easy interface to connect with any databases like MySQL, SQLite, Mongo DB etc.. The Built-in Database for python is SQLite. The Python Libraries that are used to connect with Databases are:

       (a): MySQLdb for MySQL

       (b): cx_Oracle for Oracle

       (c): psycopg2  for  PostgreSQL

       (d): pymongo  for  Mongo DB

7.Dynamically Typed Language:

          Python is a Dynamically Typed Language, the Datatypes like int,long,double,float etc.. are not given in the advance like C,C++ coding. Variables are decided in RunTime itself. We don’t specify the datatype of variable.

8.Deep Learning in Python:

         As We discussed Already, Python is a high level Language and it also used in producing Deep learning Algorithm. Deep Learning is a class of machine learning that used to build Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. For making Deep Learning algorithm, we have to install the following softwares:

  • Matplotlib
  • TensorFlow
  • Theano
  • Python 2.7+
  • Scipy with Numpy

9.Robust Standard Library:

         Python has an extensive library that anyone can use. This means programmers don’t have to write code for everything like they do in other programming languages. There are libraries for image processing, databases,  articles, and many other features. In addition to the standard library, there is a collection of thousands of packages, all of which can be found in the Python Package Directory.

10.Frontend and Backend:

            Python is used in both Frontend and Backend Development. For Frontend, python codes are written in HTML using some simple tags such as <py-env>, <py-script>, etc.. For Backend, we have some Python frameworks like Django and Flask. Backend is the Python’s Strong Forte.

            In this Blog, We discussed Some main features of Python. Python is very simple programming language to learn and use. In Today’s Software Development, Python plays a lead role in many Information Technology (IT) Companies. Python have Bright Future. So we have to learn python.

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